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Elaflex Dispensers

Elaflex is the leading European manufacturer of Petrol and Diesel Dispensers. Among its products are Automatic Fueling Nozzles, Vapor Recovery (VR) nozzles for for Petrol or Diesel. 
Variable Lengths of Petrol Pump Hoses
Breakaway for Gasoline, Vapor recovery or Diesel
German, Bimsch 21 standard, Vapour Recovery systems, approved by the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection
This equipment can be installed in all of the existing dispensers in Israel
Impeccable, extremely long-lasting, German quality equipment 

אקדחי תדלוק למישוב אדים.jpg

VR Dispensers

ציוד לניפוק גפמ.jpg

LPG Fueling Equipment

Drip Stop.jpg

Diesel Fueling Dispensers

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Urea Dispensers

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Petrol Pump Hoses


VR Safety Breaks

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