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Universal Valves and Infrastructure Equipment

Universal Valves produces a variety of products for the building  service stations. Among its products: spill containment manholes, overfill protection, a variety of valves and multi-purpose manholes. 
The products are suited for above ground / underground fuel containers and are completely manufactured in the US, complying to strict, UL standards.

internal drain.jpg

5gal Fuel Dispensing Manholes

שסתום אל חוזר למילוי.jpg

VR Adapter Check Valve

שוחות אביזרים 8 ו12.jpg

8", 12" Multi-Purpose Manholes

Shastomei Gzira.jpg

Spillage Safety Valves

שסתומים למישוב אדים.jpg

Pressure Vacuum Vent

שסום למניע מילוי יתר.jpg

Overfill Safety Valves

נשמים לבנזין וסולר.jpg

Diesel and Petrol Vents

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